Monday, December 31, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! May 2008 be filled with love, wealth and good health XXXXXXX

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Welcome to my first blog. Here I am planing to give you a small insight into my life both professionally and personally, to "see" the person behind the mohair and I really hope that you will enjoy my random wafflings! Please "bear" with me while I suss this whole blog thing out and get it up and running.

As 2007 ends I've been finding myself thinking over this past year, its been eventful both professionally and personally, It really has been such a busy year and I have loved every moment of it!
The things I'm most proud of are my achievements with "Shantock Bears", I am lucky to be able to say its been a positive year for the bears, in an industry that is currently struggling. Attending the Hugglets show at the beginning of the year proved to be a very successful, I was approached by Hamleys to make bears for them and I have been lucky enough to have had regular orders from the lovely Libby at Hamleys ever since, I am keeping my fingers crossed that this continues in 2008. I won 3rd place in the British Bear Artist Awards in category six. I have been asked to design some prototypes for a leading bear manufacture (that's all I'll say on that subject as to not jinx anything). Theres so much more I could ramble on about but really I feel that I've come so far as an artist this year and I'm looking forward to designing lots more in 2008.
All of this I could not have achieved without the love and support of my family and friends, I couldn't want for a better Parents who have always encouraged me to follow my dreams.
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