Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday afternoon indulgence!

Home made ginger nut biscuits and coffee

Monday, March 21, 2011

Im late, I'm late......

This is how I feel right now, late! Very late for everything!!!!!!
Sorry for the lack of posts, I just can't seem to get my life together right now.
I'm trying very hard so should be back on track by the end of the month.....well that's the plan anyway!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my....

We spent another very enjoyable Saturday with ginger and Jay this weekend, this time they came up to visit us and we took them to Woburn Safari Park, we saw lions, and tigers and bears (oh my) and a whole host of other animals, we also had lunch in a lovely tea room and dinner in a local country pub, but the best bit was just spending time with our dear friends..... I'm really going to miss them when they return to the States tommorow :-(

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Available bear and mouse (updated 3/3/11)

I have two little cute girls available for purchase this week

Queenie is now SOLD

Queenie is a chunky little lady, she is 5" for head to toe and has a rather round belly
(too much cheese I think!)
She is made from pale yellow/gold upholstery velvet,
has pink Ultrasuede paws and a lovely long tail.
Queenie wears a dark red bonnet and cardigan hand knitted by my Mum.
Queenie is priced £90 + P&P

Eliza is now SOLD

Eliza is slightly slimmer than her mousey friend but still has the trade mark weight of a Shantock bear.
She is 5" from head to toe and is made from a beautiful tan brown upholstery velvet with white guard hairs, she had pink Ultrasuede paws.
Eliza proudly wears a hand knitted bonnet and cardigan by my Mum in lovely multi coloured wool.
Eliza is priced at £90 + P&P
If you are interested in either of these two lovely ladies please email me at the following address:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What a lovely life!

When I made my first bear over eight years ago I never imagined what a world of opportunities it would open up for me. Two of the best bits have been traveling the UK, Europe and USA exhibiting my bears at some of the best shows the teddy bear scene has to offer and the other is the friendships I have made from all four corners of the world!
Two of the wonderful friends I have collected along the way are ginger and Jay from North Carolina, you'll know ginger because of her fantastic bears which can be found here and here! You'll also know I'm her biggest fan, her bears are simply stunning.
As I mentioned a few posts ago ginger exhibited at Hugglets on Sunday. So not only did we get to spend a lovely Hugglets day with them, me and Lex also met up with them on Saturday and spent the day in London. We had such a lovely time and only wish they lived closer so we could more often spend time together!
Here's a few photos of our lovely weekend.
Lunch was had in Sasastro's

A wander around Camden market

ginger and Jay with the fabulous bears, rabbits and elephants!

Me and Mum at our stall

And here's what I came home with
My fairy bear by ginger, a robin by Susan of Little Hugs and some polymer clay piece's by Manda Theart.
(Paid for by Christmas money from Lex, thank you my generous fella)

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