Thursday, November 24, 2011

For all my US friends....

Here's hoping your day is wonderful!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A weekend up North!

Its been another super busy weekend for me!

Friday morning me, Mum and Auntie Val travelled up the M1 to visit my Cousin Ray (Val's son) Ray lives in North Yorkshire, very convenient for us as its only 40 minutes away from Sheffield! So we managed to kill two birds with one stone, pack in a family visit and a bear show!

Ray really looked after us all weekend, he cooked, drove us around and put up with me taking over his living room table with bear bits and constantly pinching his laptop!

We had such a lovely time, its just a pity it went by so quick.

Here's a few pictures from the weekend......

York Minster Cathedral
Totally stunning! We didn't have long in York so didn't get to look inside,
but a trip back is earmarked for our next visit

Mum, Val and Ray

Treasurer's House
Not really sure what this place was because it was shut by the time we walked past
but it looked so pretty all lit up

This little chap was one of the last minute cutie's
I managed to finish before the show but not put on the preview
(he has found a home)

Another little one
(he has found a home too)

Here's our table at The Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event

And a close up of the bears, mice and my train, its a real working train that drove me mad going round and round all day!

As usual the fair was brilliant, Katherine does a amazing job of organising the show and we are all looking forward to visiting again next year.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mini preview for the Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event 2011

Here's a few of the little ones I'll be bringing on Sunday.
(I'm still working on a few more!)



Brandy Butter




As usual the bears and mice have been made, in the first instance for sale at the Yorkshire show. I will not be selling or reserving anything prior to Sunday, however if you would like to register an interest in any of the creations, I'd be happy to get in touch with you if they don't sell on the day. Just drop me an email:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bear Basics and Beyond

I will have a few copies of this wonderful book for sale at The Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event on the 20th November.

This book is fantastic, not only for the beginner bear maker, but for the seasoned bear maker too. I've certainly learnt loads from it! Its beautifully produced and the pictures are perfect.

My dear friend Helen of Bear Cubs Designs left the books with me after her visit to the Hugglets show back in September. I thought it would be lovely to take some along to the shows I attend so that people in the UK can have the chance to purchase a copy and not pay postage from Australia!

For more information on the book please visit Helen's website

The book is priced at £30
Let me know if you'd like to reserve one

Here's me and Helen at the Hugglets show. The day before we had spent a happy afternoon drinking coffee, eating cake and talking bears. Helen's lovely Mum and Dad joined us too. Its such a shame we live so far apart, who knows when we'll be able to do this again.

The Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event 2011

Sunday 20th November 2011
10.30am to 4.00pm

With less than two weeks to this wonderful show I am (as usual) all in a panic, I have the total of NO bears finished!!! As always I'm bound to pull it all together at the last minute, I've never failed yet, but I am worried. Must get back to work immediately :0)

So please visit the shows website for more information on the show. It really is a brilliant day out, Katherine, John and their family helpers did a fab job with this fair last year and I'm so looking forward to the day.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Bear Garden

This month marks the 19th Birthday of the Bear Garden and to celebrate I have created a fun little collection that are now on-line here.

Below are a couple of the little ones available, pop over to the website for more pictures and information.

Oh and a big Happy Birthday to goes out to Andrew and his team, its a pleasure to be able work with you.


Red Velvet

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