Monday, July 29, 2013

On their way...



Zed and friends!

Appearing on the Bear Garden website soon
You can check it out here.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hot, hot, hot...

Welcome to my office!

 While we have been having this little heat wave in the UK I have moved my studio outside. 
Our house is so well insulated that working in my studio is impossible, 
so the only thing is to enjoy the garden that is growing well.

Do you like my fairy garden? I think I made use good of this broken pot.
 Can you spot the goblin in the back?

My wisteria did not flower again this year, it's not been happy since we moved it from the old house last Spring, I really hope that one day it will flower like it has before. My hydrangea is late too but I can see there will be a mass of colour soon.

The sweetpeas on the other hand are doing excellent, I have 4 vase's in the house that I top up everyday. 
My favorite flower for sure.

Our alpine bath is doing great, we recently added to it and made another from an old potato box....

which Bilbo is lying by here.

Here's my hansom chap.

The Arsenal lilies are Lex's, after his football team.

Lots of pots full of loveliness.

Raspberries I'm saving for a pavlova...

with a blackcurrant coulis!

The tomatoes are nearly ready.

And we've been eating the curly carrots already.

This stunning blue plant is a type of sea holly.

And finally here's the view from my office, not bad huh?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Filming loactions...

While we was away we visited a few filming locations of films we love and tv series we watch.

Do you remember this jail?
(It's now the Oregon Film Museum)

Where this guy escaped from?

Or can you identify the character who wore this outfit?

You may have already guessed we went to Astoria where the Goonies was filmed.

We visited Mikey and Brandon's house

And spent quiet some time saying 
"Gooines never say Die"

And here is haystack rock, where the pirate ship sailed off to sea!

While we visited the Goonie's we came across another famous sight, 
do you recognise this school?

Where this guy tried to control a bunch of 4 year olds.
We stumbled into the school that was used for Kindergarten Cop.

Now while we was in Vancouver we had to visit a place called Steveston.

Can you see this is the clock tower building, minus the clock tower that computer generated on top.

This is where the ABC production of Once Upon a Time is filmed.

We arrived quiet late so most shops where closed, but we did manage to meet the lovely Sara of Sara's Ice Cream, she pointed out some of the buildings to us and chatted about the making of the show. 
Thanks Sara for being so generous with your time. 
Sara has invented ice cream flavours for each of the characters,
 I had Dopey (red velvet) there was so many to choose from, the wicked queen, prince charming etc.
If your ever in the area you must take a visit to Sara's.

If you know the show everywhere you turn there's a scene from it.

AKA Granny's diner

AKA Storybrook Country Bread

Believe it or not this is Mr Gold's shop, it looks quiet different now.

And finally here's a long shot of the street, 
you could just imagine Emma and Henry running up and down on operation cobra.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mount Rainier...

Next we headed into the woods! 

We stayed at a perfect log cabin.

It had everything you could think of, porch swing, hot tub!

Marshmallows to toast in the fire pit,

and a babbling creek at the end of the garden.

We made some magic fire,

fed the raccoon's and relaxed.

Lex thought we should have this photo taken, 
two bear artists sitting on a bear bench!

We trekked up the mountain (in the car mostly) to see the snow, 
what a weird experience in 25c weather.

Saw rainbows in waterfalls.

And posed for photos

It really was a wonderful trip, filled with great memories.

I must disclose that I did not take these photos, most were taken by Lex and a couple by ginger, many thanks to them both for generously sharing them with me. 

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