Thursday, May 31, 2012

Internet oh how I've missed you!

I'm back! Did you noticed I've been gone? I did, its been horrid with no internet, the 3G signal on my phone is useless here in the village so I've been a bit cut off. Its been a exhausting few weeks, but we are moved in, internet is set up and life is getting back to normal. 

Moving has put me about a month behind on my work schedule and I'm sewing like mad trying to catch up. I was planning to announce another "special something" to celebrate my 10th anniversary this month but it will have to wait for a tiny bit longer, I'm sorry to say.

I've lots to share but its going to take me a while to get organised so for now here's a taster of somewhere I visited just before we moved. It was the BEST place I've ever been. For now I will leave you guessing as to where these photos where taken. I wonder if anyone can guess?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hello sweet one ...

I've been packing up my bears today! So far half of them are done (there's an awful lot) I'm giving them all a good clean as I go and a big hug, remembering where I brought them or from whom I was given them :0) its nice to rediscover old friends. Here's one of my fav's, a Bears of Grace bear that I love every bit as much today as the day  I brought her, which was at least 10 years ago.I can't wait to unpack this lovely in our new home

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Sorry for the lack of posts, we are in the process of moving, life will hopefully be back to normal in a few weeks!

This will be us at the weekend

Working like house elf's!

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