Friday, July 29, 2011

Lovely Friday Surprise!

I wandered into town today to pick up the latest copy of TBT and had such a lovely surprise, because there was one of my bears staring at me from the front cover!

Then as I look inside there is also an article on me and my bears,
yay! I'm a happy bear maker today

Thanks TBT for including me.x

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The veggies of my labour!

Look what's come from my garden.......

Courgettes (Zucchini) made into ratatouille

Carrots perfect with cottage pie

Oh and this one didn't come from the garden but I did make it with my own fair hands! Pavlova for Mum's second Birthday dinner!
(This time we had no cat troubles!!!!!)

It was SO good, you can't really see in this picture but it had gold glitter over it too

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tea Party

There's nothing better than afternoon tea with friends......

Friday, July 15, 2011

Childhood Hero

As a child my favourite author was Roald Dahl, I read all his books, became absorbed in the adventures of Charlie, laughed at the Twits and rooted for The Fantastic Mr Fox against his battle with Boggis, Bunce and Bean! I loved his silliness and his made up words. I've seen all the films adapted from the books and now as an adult I still love them, so much so that I've used them as inspirations for my bears.

Last year when attending the TBAI I used George's Marvelous Medicine as my choice for the gallery piece!

My "take" on a beary George!

And this year for the Bartie Bristle Excellence Awards I found myself turning to Roald again, this time Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (I have to admit here that Gene Wilder's Wonka was my main influence for this piece)


Both of these pieces I'm really fond of, so much so in Wonka's case, I've kept him! which I don't often do. I think that my next bookish inspired piece should be Fantastic Mr Fox, I wonder what Mr Dahl would of thought about my work, I hope he would of approved of my "take" on his books.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Teddy Take Over.....

Hello There, Muggleton here staging a "Teddy Take Over"

As I originally came from gingers house where blog take overs are part of everyday life I thought it was only right I carry on this tradition here in the UK! Elanor says I better not get used to it or let on to the other bears what I'm doing, because she has far too many bears for this to happen often, so I've secretly snuck up to Elanor studio to share with you my first week here in the UK!

My arrival in the UK wasn't a smooth as I'd hoped, After a very long flight (its 3850.016 miles between ginger's house and here!) I was held hostage by Parcel Force and Lex had to pay a randsom to get me out! He drove all the way to Milky Beans (Milton Keynes to anyone not local) to get me after work, he was very worried about me but luckily ginger had packed me very well so I was safe and sound. Lex had to wait two days before he could give me to Elanor so I hung out at Lex's Mum's house for a bit which was fun. When Elanor's Birthday arrived I was very nervous about meeting her but ginger was right when she told me Elanor was very nice and would look after me very well.

Elanor didn't want to pack me up again after all I'd been in my box for quite a while so she decided I should come with them on their Dorset travels, I sat on the dashboard of Lex's car and saw some beautiful villages and towns as we drove though the lanes, up hills and down into valleys, it was a lovely trip and Elanor has promised to take me again one day!

So here's some photos of what I got up to.........

Eype beach, this is where we stayed!
(not on the beach but at a little bungalow up the road)

There was a little boat on the beach and I had to go and explore

A "99" ice cream yummy

Staring out to sea
(one of Elanor's favourite things!)

I snuck in the picnic hamper!

Ummmm bacon sandwiches

and sausages too!

Star-gazing, it looks light because of the flash but it was very, very dark!

Behind me is Lulworth Cove

More picnic's, I've been very well fed

More staring out to sea

Sitting on Elanor's knee watching Lex swimming in the cold sea, if you click on the photo you should see him!

The welcome committee, when I returned to Elanor's house I was greeted by all the other bears that have come from ginger's house, oh it did make me feel at home :0)

Now I better sign off before I get caught!

Thanks ginger for sending me to Elanor she loves me very much.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Delectable Dorset

Dorset is my most favourite place to visit in the UK, I love the rolling hills, the beautiful Beach's, the fab shops. Even though Lex has travelled most of the world he'd never been to Dorset, so we decided a weekend away for my Birthday and our Anniversary would be perfect and it was......

Day 1 - Friday (My Birthday)
Corfe Castle

Posing at Corfe Castle

Us at Corfe

From the top of the castle the views are stunning
There is a steam train from Swanage to Corfe, we didn't do this but I've done it before and can safely say its wonderful

Getting arty!

Day 2 - Saturday (Our Anniversary)
"Shopping day, aka Lex being very patient day"

Lyme Regis

One day we will own a camper like this one!

The harbour and view of the Golden Cap

Awesome shop!
Lex brought me two Cath Kidson jugs for all the sweet peas I keep cutting from the garden

Part of Lyme beach

The harbour again, those little lads had been mackerel fishing

The beach again

Saturday afternoon trip to Charmouth, its where all the fossils can be found

In the evening instead of going out for dinner we took a BBQ down to Eype beach and had sausage and bacon sandwiches!
On the way down to the beach we saw this cottage, one day I will live in a cottage like this

Lex being manly cooking on the BBQ

We stayed to star-gaze this was taken just as the sun set, a perfect end to a perfect day.

Day 3 -Sunday
"Beach Bums"

Durdle Door, Man of War and Lulworth Cove
(My favourite beach's in the world)
This is Durdle Door, its so peaceful here, even when the beach is full of people

Lulworth Cove

Picnic at Lulworth

Man of War

Day 4 - Monday

"Abbots & Monkeys"

Abbotsbury and Monkey World

A beautiful church in a little village called Abbotsbury

The view from the churchyard

Looking out over the pond

Pretty poppies

Cheeky chimp at Monkey World

Sadly this was the end of our trip, we had such a brilliant time and I'm pleased to say Lex liked Dorset nearly as much as I do and we are already planning another trip next year!

Check back tomorrow for " Teddy take over"

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