Monday, January 25, 2010

Kittens waste so much time....

Binky our new kitty is such a lovely little poppet but boy does he waste my time, I find myself playing with him, staring at him, going and checking on him every 10 minutes or so! So my Hugglets bear making has taken a bit of a battering :-( so far I have 2 mice and one bear ready, that's so not enough, I must do better! Anyway here's a sneaky peek of one of the pieces I've been working on and have actually finished!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Theres a new man in my life!

Let me introduce you to Binky

This little cutie has brought some much needed laughter and love into our house.

Last year, sadly 2 of our cats, George and Pepsi and 1 of our dogs, Belle passed away due to old age.

Binky has helped us all smile again.

He's such a little poppet, a very happy and chatty boy who loves everyone. He has us laughing all the time with his funny "crabby" dances and his playful manner, its been over 10 years since we have had a kitten in the family, he's in to everything, already trying to get out of the cat flap and causing havoc, its been ball!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


On Boxing day me and Lex went to Norway to visit some friends. We had a fantastic stay. Norway is a beautiful country (despite the cold -15 on some days!!!) I found everyone so friendly. Here's a few pictures of our holiday.

One of the many very cute wooden houses

Lex outside of one of the buildings!

So much snow!

Beautiful sunset

snow capped trees!

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