Monday, April 28, 2008

Big Bear?

I finally finished my big bear, well I say big bear he's only 12" I know, I know not big at all but big for me, he's much chunkier than my usual designs and I really like him! I'll be revealing him all in good time he just needs to have his accessories finished and maybe a special photo shoot first!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Big Bear

I've had my eye on this piece of mohair for a while! I saw it at the Rochester show and wanted it, but it was long, dense and curly and it just wouldn't work for my usual little bears so I didn't buy it, crazy as it seems I've been thinking about this piece of mohair ever since, I've been laying awake thinking about what I could make with it and whether its worth the risk of £24 for 1/4 meter to bugger it up, but on Sunday my craving got the better of me and while I visited the Brentwood fair I brought it! So this week I'm working on a big bear, well I say big bear he's big for me. I've got a vision that I hope I can achieve but its hard everything takes so much longer, I'm dreading stuffing it too, talking of stuffing I better get to it......

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Special orders are a funny thing, I know a lot of artists that do not take commissions as they find it stifles their creativity and I find making a bear to order a challenge too. I worry about meeting peoples expectations and find the process of creating something that's not my idea quite difficult. I'm always amazed when I get it right and the end result is loved by the recipient, which I guess is why I keep agreeing to do them!

Recently I was asked to create a bear for my friend Barry's, daughters 21st Birthday "Sure no problem" I say before finding out what he wanted! I found this very hard, its not my idea of what a bear should be, its modelled on the Birthday girls own piercings! Not that I'm against piercings I have one of my own, just not sure about bears being pierced! Anyway I had to put my own thoughts aside and just get on with it and the end result wasnt as bad as I first thought. When I gave it to Barry he was delighted and has since given it to his daughter who I hear is very pleased, so mission accomplished!

Liz's 21st Bear, I love to know what you think

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lovely collectors!

While I was in France I met a lovely and talented bear artist called Christelle she makes fantastic traditional bears under the name of Lin Ours

Christelle won the Great Bear Award and I was so pleased for her, she really deserved it and was so gracious about winning too. Christelle's daughter is an avid collector and she fell in love with one of my bears, "Roux" named after Johnny Depps character in the film Chocolat. Christelle brought this bear for her daughter who was so pleased she walked around the show with "Roux" on her arm all day! Christelle told me her daughter is developing quite an eye for artist bears and has a very clear idea of what she likes and dislikes and I am very honored that my bear was chosen by Elisa.

Elisa, Roux and me!

Website update!

Yay! Managed to get the website updated with new 4 bears today.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Still no update!

Well I've been trying again to get this silly website updated but its still not happening. I'm going to have to wait until the weekend and my Dad can sort it out! Damn.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Having website problems! Should have new bears on the site by tomorrow!

The Great Bear 2008

A little river right by our villa

Well I've just returned from the South of France where I exhibited at The Great Bear organised by the fabulous Eric at his museum in Arpaillrgues. I had such a wonderful time, the area we stayed in is truly beautiful. Everybody at the show was so friendly and it had a very relaxed atmosphere, we was lucky to have a French artist next to us who was happy to translate when needed, Christelle and her family are lovely and they even brought a bear from me! I'd like to be able to attend the show next year and most definitely will be returning to the area for a holiday at some point. I did bring some bears back with me that I'll be popping on the website later today.

One of the views from our villa

My stand

Me, Kim, Lisa and Kirste relaxing after the show!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Loret de Mar

The beach at Loret de Mar
So I'm un-packed from Spain only to be re-packing for France this weekend!
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