Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Blog Show......

Christmouse Kisses
From last years Blog Show
Christmas Blog Show
Saturday 11th December
7pm GMT
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Monday, November 22, 2010


We had a wonderful time this weekend at the Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event. The hotel was lovely, meeting up with other bear artists and their helpers/partners on the Saturday night for dinner was enjoyable, the show its self was wonderfully ran by Katherine and her Husband John, there was lots of visitors through the doors, lovely touches throughout the day like door prizes, Christmas music and lots of laughs. Katherine did an amazing job, the hard work put into making this a fab show really was plain to see and I for one will be heading back to the North for the next Great Yorkshire teddy Bear Event in 2011.

Here's a link to the Youtube video of the day:

I'm now feeling rather exhausted and rather pressured as I have a large shop order to complete and the blog show to organise!!!!!!! I need a few days to get my head together and make a plan of action! I'll be back when I'm sorted :-)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event 2010!

For the past year my friend Katherine Hallam of Katie-Rae Bears has been working on organising a new artist only bear show in Sheffield. The Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event held this Sunday 21st November 2010, will showcase 50 exhibitors from all over the world and is set to be the highlight on the Christmas bear scene! The event will support the Sheffield Children's Hospital so as well as being a fun day out it will also be raising money for this worthwhile cause! I know Katherine has been working very hard on making this a premier bear show and I'm very much looking forward to the weekend!

For more information on the show please visit the website here.

So here's a sneaky peek at the bears I will be bringing along, its not as many as I'd hoped, the move has set me way behind, hey ho I must learn cannot do it all ;-)

Leighton 5"

Spinney 3"

Weatherby 4"

Franklin 4"

Ben 4"

Worthington 5"

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Peeka boo!

Preview coming tommorrow

Monday, November 15, 2010

Back online! Yay!

I'm so happy to be back! I know its only been two weeks but I've REALLY missed my virtual life ;-) its going to take me ages to catch up on the blogging news, facebook gossip and forum madness.

So while I've been away I've been busy with special commissions and show bears for the upcoming Yorkshire bear artist show, I will preview the show bears/mice later this week in the meantime have a look at the bears that have recently been sent to new homes, all of which were special commissions.

Dream Catcher

Cake baking with Mummy

Friday, November 5, 2010

Moving is hard work!!!

Just popping by to say the move went well, it was very hard work but I'm nearly sorted and I'm very much looking forward to starting work in my new studio!

I've got no Internet access at the new house so have not had much time to catch up with my blogging duties, emails etc and oh have I missed it! Never mind give me a couple of weeks and it will all be back to normal!
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