Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It was wet!!!!!

Lex, Chelle and Sean on Putsborough Beach

Lex and Me just before we started The Legendary Grand Tour 2008!

I'm completely exhausted from the weekend, so much for a relaxing time!!! The weather wasn't kind to us so I'm suffering from total lack of sleep, the tent leaked so had wet shoes, wet clothes and had to sleep in a wet tent too! Other than that it was a wicked weekend, the camp site was great, the owners were so lovely! The area was beautiful in between the showers! We ate yummy food and I had the best ice cream in Croyde!
Sean, Chelle, Me and Lex at the end of the run

So many mini's

The best mini of all "MAX"

The mini run was amazing, never experienced anything quite like it, in many ways it was like a bear fair, lots of enthusiast all talking passionately about what they love and the sun did shine for us all day so an added bonus.

Chelle and Me, trying to look glam after 3 days of wet camping and no sleep!!!!

I've now returned home to a Hamleys order!!!! Yay except I have no idea when I'm going to complete it! So I am taking today to get myself organised, make a plan and get going, only 17 days until Hugglets, so much to do so little time! Arrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhh

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yay! Camping!

Woolacombe Bay

I'm off camping in Devon this weekend and it will be my first weekend off since the first week of July! Even though I think I deserve (and need) a break I'm still feeling gulity about the work I should be getting done, how sad am I? Its only 3 weekends untill Hugglets and I'm so not ready, I always want to make far more than I'm capable of doing, I'll just have to work flat out when I get back, but right now I must pack!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mice, Miffy & baby showers!

In the past week as well as working on Hugglets mice! (four finished so far) I've also been working on a few commissions too, one for a new shop and the other for a gift for my friend Naomi.

Naomi and I have worked together for a few years, I was her supervisor when she first started work at the day centre and has become a brilliant carer, we are only a few months apart in age therefore have lots in common, anyway Naomi is expecting her first child in October and has only a few weeks left before her maternity leave starts. On Saturday Naomi's sister in law Claire hosted a baby shower and it was lots of fun, I took a small present for the baby (booties and vests as you can never have enough) and I made a bear for Naomi, I think Mum's always get forgotten a bit so wanted Naomi to have something for her, I suspect that the baby will get one too at some point! (shhh that's a secret though) I did'nt name the bear as I thought Naomi would like to do that herself and she's just informed me that she's chosen "Miffy" as that's what her and her partner Ben have been calling her bump.


Friday, August 8, 2008

The Best Mohair Supplier

Over the years I've met many people within the bear world some wonderful and some not so much! Some of these people you just end up passing the time of day with at a fair and some become dear friends, I have to say this about Barbara and Andy of "Barbara-Ann Bears" and now also "Norbeary Fabrics" after chatting with them yesterday I was informed I didn't have a link to their fabric company website, slap on wrist for me, so today I'm giving a big shout out to Barbara and Andy and saying go take a look at their mohair. Barbara is a font of knowledge for any bear maker and has given me so freely valuable advise on everything from mohair to tax returns! They both have been making bears for over 15 years now so know their stuff but are always keen to learn new things and we regularly swap tips, ideas and a bit of gossip! Andy also designed my website, so I'd say I owe them both quite a bit. Anyway go check out all they have to offer here:



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