Sunday, July 11, 2010

What a busy few weeks!

Summer is always a crazy time for me and this year it seems to be madder than ever, over the last weeks weeks I have been busy, exhibiting at the fab New Forest Bear Show, celebrating my Mum's Birthday, my Aunts Birthday and my Birthday! It was also mine and Lex's 2nd anniversary. I took a trip to the Hampton Court Flower show with my Dad and in between all this I've been working hard on commissioned bears so that this week I can start the TBAI collection.

There's now less than 4 weeks till me and Lex leave for the US and there is still so much to do, I have all the bears and mice to get ready and we still have not finalised our travel plans, we are planning a 16 days trip visiting Boston, Cape Cod, Connecticut, Binghamton, Lake Placid and New York, its going to be amazing but its also a little bit scary. I'm not a natural traveller unlike Lex so moving from place to place is a bit daunting for me, at least I have Lex to hold my hand and tell me I'm being silly when I'm panicking we'll miss a flight or a bus!!!
Anyway I must get back to sewing, so let me share with you a few piccy's from the last few weeks..............

Fabulous shoes that Lex brought me for my Birthday (I'm a lucky girl) I was totally spoilt this year and have got a large pot of money now so I can buy myself a bear at the TBAI!!!

Me and the girls at my Birthday BBQ, we've known each other for around 20 years

(can you spot the bear making equipment on the table, I have been working even when I'm celebrating)

Lex demonstrating his poi skills at my Birthday BBQ

This cute little rat was in the Lego garden at the flower show, it was wicked!

This fellow was for sale, I couldn't afford him :-(

I don't know why but a basket of veg make me happy!

There was a teddy bears picnic theme throughout the Floral marquee

Such a pretty colour

Sitting on my desk right now


  1. Looks like you were having lots of fun, belated happy birthday, and love the shoes. Have a great time in the US, it'll all be fine.

  2. It looks like you are enjoying a fabulous summer filled with friends and fun. Your trip to the USA sounds great and I look forward to seeing your photos. I haven't been to all those places so you can be my virtual tour guide. Good luck with your TBAI prep!


  3. ~Katy, thanks so much, I've had a fun few weeks!

    ~Ginger, thanks so much and good luck with your TBAI prep, I can't wait to see what you produce! See you soon.x

  4. oh, I can't get enough of your gorgeous bears,
    Happy belated birthday, and anniversary.
    Those shoes are to die for :O)
    Seeing you with your friends is wonderful... I so miss my fiends in the UK :O( And, thanks for the Lake District photos... oh how I miss the lakes and mountains. When I lived in Derby, we used to go up their regularly.
    Hoe you enjoy the rest of your week, and thanks for popping over to my place :O)


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