Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Written by Dolores Faye Thorn

T'was Halloween night and all through the house.

Creatures were stirring, bugs, cats, and a mouse.

The pumpkins were carved into faces with care.

In hopes that a candle would soon be placed there.

With ma in her apron fixing platters of sweets.

We'd settled our brains for a long night of treats.

When out on the lawn there arose such a roar.

I sprang to my feet and ran to the door.

And what to my wandering eyes should appear.

But a red deviled monster with a big yellow spear.

Like a bat from a cave I ran - still he came.

I thought I'd escaped but he called out my name.

Mr. Thorn - Mr. Thorn - please don't be afraid.

It's me, little Jimmy in this masquerade.

The moon on the lawn glowed a bright orange cast.

And I thought I saw witches on brooms flying past.

White sheet like things floated, they looked just like ghosts.

But the skeleton with bones clacking, it scared me the most.

Someone looked like a vampire his face a ghastly pale hue.

I finally realized it was Harry all covered with glue.

That kid like a spider so lively and quick.

I knew in a moment it was my neighbor's son Nick.

One sweet little princess, so lovely was she -

Whatever was she doing in this strange company?

When all of the goblins pulled mask from there head.

I knew that this night there was nothing to dread.

Then this strange purple monster greeted me and I said, "Who are you?"

He gave me no answer just hollered Boooooooooo….

And putting a finger aside one large eye.

He got in his space ship and flew to the sky.

I knew I had never seen anything like that before.

I watched him in wonder quickly shutting my door.

But I heard him exclaim ere he flew out of sight.

Happy Halloween to all - and have a real spooky night!
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