Monday, December 13, 2010

WOW what a weekend!!!

Oh what a lovely busy, crazy weekend I've had!
Firstly Saturday was spent getting ready for my Christmas Blog Show, as I photographed bears/mice and sorted out my blog I was nervous, I always worry that I'll sell nothing, who knows why I worry because my lovely customers never let me down and I now have found homes for all 9 of my little ones. A BIG thank you to everyone who supports my work, you make my job so very special.

Van Gogh, for a bit more information
on this little guy click here

Secondly on Sunday me and Mum traveled down to the British Bear Fair in Brighton, it was so lovely to be the other side of the stall for once and we and fun strolling round and catching up with all our beary friends. The main reason we went to the fair was because it was the finals of the British Bear Awards, my little Van Gogh had been nominated in the miniature category and I was delighted when he was awarded 3rd place, the competition was immense and I was really shocked to here my name being called out! If you would like to see who won in each category there's a list here.

Now I must get myself sorted for Christmas, I have just one more little bear to make, lots of presents to get and planning to do, I'm having both sets of parents here on Christmas day and although I'm looking forward to spoiling them for once I am worried that I'll burn the Turkey!

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