Friday, May 13, 2011

I've been working on....

I thought I'd share with you a peek at the collection I've been working on for a new stockist of my work in Florida, USA. Village Bears will be receiving 6 mice from me in the next week or so. Anyway while I was out in the garden taking some photos I had "help" from my little feline friend Molly Cat. That's not her name, its just what I call her because I'm not sure who she belongs too. Ever since I moved here she's been visiting everyday, she's the sweetest natured cat, has a very playful manner and likes to check out anything new in the garden, hence it took me a rather long time to photograph the 6 little cuties!

"Aren't I beautiful?!"

"What have we here?!"

"It doesn't smell like a real mouse!"

A tiny peek at a pink fellow

and a little grey one
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