Thursday, May 31, 2012

Internet oh how I've missed you!

I'm back! Did you noticed I've been gone? I did, its been horrid with no internet, the 3G signal on my phone is useless here in the village so I've been a bit cut off. Its been a exhausting few weeks, but we are moved in, internet is set up and life is getting back to normal. 

Moving has put me about a month behind on my work schedule and I'm sewing like mad trying to catch up. I was planning to announce another "special something" to celebrate my 10th anniversary this month but it will have to wait for a tiny bit longer, I'm sorry to say.

I've lots to share but its going to take me a while to get organised so for now here's a taster of somewhere I visited just before we moved. It was the BEST place I've ever been. For now I will leave you guessing as to where these photos where taken. I wonder if anyone can guess?

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