Monday, October 1, 2012

Studio Assistant

I thought it was about time I got a studio assistant, working alone from home all the time I was in danger of becoming a crazy lady as I found myself talking to myself (and the bears) a little too much. So this little fellow has come into our lives so now I can turn into a crazy cat lady...

Let me introduce Mr Bilbo Baggins

My Beautiful 8 week old kitty

He has settled into daily life very well and 
is getting increasingly cheeky everyday

He's such a "help" around the studio, 
the favourite game so far is stealing tissue paper when I'm packing up bears

He also likes to examine my current "for me" crafty projects
(that's a patchwork quilt I'm working on, I'm managing a square a day, its going to take me the rest of the year to finish it)

He steals my studio chair, how can I move him when he looks like this?!

and boy can he sleep

and sleep

and sleep

and sleep, so at least I've been able to get a small amount of work done still.
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