Thursday, March 28, 2013

Knit one...

 Last week me and Mum popped down to see my Aunt in the New Forest,
gosh did it rain and rain and rain!
We didn't let this spoil our time but it did give us some time indoors so 
I decided for the about the 10th time to get Mum to teach me how to knit!

Over the years Mum has tried to  teach me a few times and it's never sunk in but this time I think I got the hang of it, well I've sussed casting on and casting off and knitting "normal" stitches! It's a start at least.

What do you think?!

I need to keep practising 

But my aim is to make myself a blanket

But that might take me some time!


  1. My mum was a fantastic knitter and she tried and tried to teach me, but it never sunk in at all. Glad you are having more success x

    1. Oh Melaine you never know when it might sink in! It's taken me over 30 years of Mum trying to teach me ;0) lets hope I stick at it! X

  2. Hi, I am currently teached by my wife and I did my first rows in knitting. Hope one day I will be able to do some knitting for my bears.

    Now I have to be patient and doing my exercises.

    Good luck, I believe you will manage it this time.

    Greatings from Bavaria


    1. Good luck with your knitting too, let's hope we both master it :0)


Thanks so much for your comment :0)

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