Monday, April 1, 2013

Addicted to Pinterest!

Okay so I'll admit it, I have a problem, I just can't stop pinning!
Over 3000 pins and counting. 

I pin decorating idea's... 


Craft things...

woodland cottage sewing pattern by merwing✿little dear

Cute animals... 

spotted duckling

Anything Harry potter...

Harry Potter

Sparklely  things...


Dolls I want to own...

by Wendy Froud

Bears I love...


Oh dear I could go on and on, I think I need help!!

 You can check out my boards here

 My Pinterest

If you have time but be warned if you've not tried Pinterest before you might just get hooked.


  1. Oh but Elanor, considering the crafty things you get up to, you could say it was business related and let it go at that.

    1. Ahh I like your thinking, excellent excuse to keep pinning :0) x


Thanks so much for your comment :0)

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