Friday, August 9, 2013

I've waited a while...

to share this little one with you!

Quite some time ago I was asked by a lovely customer to make a mouse for a dear friend. 
When she told me what she was after 
(a convict dressed mouse, with a swag bag and champagne glasses or bottle incorporated) 
I wasn't sure I could successfully complete the order, but I thought it was worth a go. 
Lucky for me it turned out to be easier than 
I first thought and both myself and the customer were delighted with...


It took me a while to work out how to add in the champagne glasses, 
in the end I thought this idea worked well

I made the swag bag from some hessian and drew on the $ sign

The little outfit was tricky, as was the hat, but I think I managed an okay job.

The whole thing was an enjoyable process and I hear that Jodie was delighted with her "Presiousss" 
and he's now on his way home with her to Oz!
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