Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pitter, patter of tiny feet...

I've been working on a secret  project for some time now, it's been in the making for around 5 months and it's got a while to go....

I expect that it will be my greatest creation yet :0)

I am so pleased to announce that me and Lex are expecting a baby!!!!

(Here's a wee photo from our first scan, 
the second scan wasn't quite as clear now he's much bigger)

Our baby boy!! Will arrive in February 2013 2014!
Ooop's looks like this baby brain thing is really real!!!!


  1. Aww congratulations to you both, I'm so pleased for you!
    I see you have baby brain, February 2014 lol ;-) x x x x

    1. Thanks my friend :0) I'm making so many mistakes these days, I hope this baby brain thing doesn't get worse, or I'm in trouble! xx

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm SOOOO excited for you and Lex! That's going to be one very lucky little lad to have parents like the two of you. What a wonderful new chapter in your lives!

    Heaps of Hugs,

  3. Congratulations..... How precious a baby boy can be. I'm sure it will be your very best creation. Keep well.

  4. Congratulations, may your little baby boy bring you much joy

  5. Whew! I'm glad everyone can now share in your excitement and good news! I can hardly wait. Now how many teddy bears do you think the little lad will need? One for every day of the week? Ha ha! He'll have a great mum and a great dad. Say hi to Lex for us!

    all the best to all of you!

  6. yay! enjoy bonding with baby.


Thanks so much for your comment :0)

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