Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring has sprung...

and we took the opportunity to visit a local attraction near our home, the weather was perfect for strolling the gardens of Wrest Park. Where in the immaculate gardens a french style mansion is set. We didn't get to look around the house because it was closed for a wedding but we enjoyed exploring the gardens.


One side of the house

The smell from these hyacinth's are amazing

The pavilion, I was rather taken with this building

I'm not sure why it just had something special about it

there were lots of tiny staircases

leading up and down

a chair to watch the view

pretty huh?!

this mirror has seen better days but I like it

the roof

this is how I imagined myself here, maybe I'd do a bit of sewing

this was the view from the pavilion

and this is the orangery, 
we didn't go closer because getting up those steps with a buggy takes hard work!!

and this is the bath house

I imagine a troll living under that bridge!

and this was Logan's reaction to the whole thing.
The only thing he woke for was for milk in the cafe!

It was a lovely afternoon out and
 we'll certainly be going back to explore more another day.
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