Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring has sprung...

and we took the opportunity to visit a local attraction near our home, the weather was perfect for strolling the gardens of Wrest Park. Where in the immaculate gardens a french style mansion is set. We didn't get to look around the house because it was closed for a wedding but we enjoyed exploring the gardens.


One side of the house

The smell from these hyacinth's are amazing

The pavilion, I was rather taken with this building

I'm not sure why it just had something special about it

there were lots of tiny staircases

leading up and down

a chair to watch the view

pretty huh?!

this mirror has seen better days but I like it

the roof

this is how I imagined myself here, maybe I'd do a bit of sewing

this was the view from the pavilion

and this is the orangery, 
we didn't go closer because getting up those steps with a buggy takes hard work!!

and this is the bath house

I imagine a troll living under that bridge!

and this was Logan's reaction to the whole thing.
The only thing he woke for was for milk in the cafe!

It was a lovely afternoon out and
 we'll certainly be going back to explore more another day.


  1. Elenor your baby is beautiful. It must have been a lovely day out visiting those gardens.
    Hugs Kay

    1. Thanks Kay, as always your comments are so kind :0)

  2. Hi Elanor,

    I wrote this comment a couple of days ago but alas, it went astray. So here I am again to repeat myself! I loved these photos. It looks like a wonderful day. I would have loved to visit these gardens with. And if you needed help, I could push the buggy. I promise I would be very careful - valuable cargo you know!


  3. Oh ginger it would be lovely for you to join us one day and you could sure push the buggy! Tell you what put down your sewing, jump on a plane and we'll go tomorrow!! Xx


Thanks so much for your comment :0)

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