Friday, January 4, 2008

1st bear of the year :-)

"Flutterby Beary"

Well here's the 1st bear of 2008!!! this photo does not do him justice, he's made from schulte viscose, its a beautiful fabric not so easy to work with but has this tactile natural feel to it. I love him and have just entered him into the TOBY awards 2008, I have no hope of even being nominated but if you don't try you don't get! Here's hoping.

I received my Ginger Brame bear yesterday and I'm delighted, "Moonstruck" is such a wonderful piece, there's so much detail that the website photos did not show off, it was totally worth paying the extra £48 customs charges. I'll take a photo and post it so you too can admire Gingers work.

Right I'm off to do a few hours work before I go out tonight, me and Kim are having a "Spaced" night, if you've never heard of Spaced its a TV programme that was made in the 90's if your between 25 and 30 you'd love it, I'd defiantly recommend watching it, anyway we're gonna watch the whole 1st series with a bottle (or 2) of wine and maybe a pizza, oh happy days.X
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