Saturday, January 12, 2008

Highcliff Castle!

I've just got back from visiting my Aunt in Hampshire, she lives just on the Dorset/Hampshire boarder very close to Highcliff Castle which has to be one of my most favourite places in England. Me and Mum visit the castle every time we go down to see Val and never get bored with the place. It has a wonderful history to it and each room has its own special atmosphere, the building has had a lot of damage over the years and is gradually being restored and is now the most popular place to get married in Dorset! If your interested take a peek at the website

Not only do we love the castle but Highcliff has a fantastic beach, on Friday when this picture was taken the sea was very rough and I got slightly wet taking these photos, I love being near the sea and have a sense of complete well-being when I'm next to it, even when the weathers not good. The beach is also very sandy and we have spend many happy hours eating sand filled sandwiches and getting sun burnt there :-)

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