Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Charity Raffle


I am sure some of you are aware that I work in a day centre for adults with learning disabilities, well we have a little charity that raises money for our clients to have a few extras that the Social Services budget just won't allow, things like a people carrier to get out and about and art equipment. A few months ago I decided to donate my cover star bear "ABE" to be raffled for this charity so close to my heart! We have so much trouble raising awareness of what we do and find raising money even harder! I am selling tickets at £5 each and they are available until the draw at our Christmas party on 10th December. If you would like to purchase a ticket and help support this worthy cause please contact me for details:
Just a few things you may want to know about "ABE"
“Abe” is worth over £130 and was exclusively made to feature on the front cover of Teddy Bear Club International July 2008. “Abe” is 12” high and is made from golden brown Schulte mohair, with felt paws. He is heavily weighted with steel shoot, has black glass eyes and red, white and blue ribbon details.
Thanks so much!

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