Thursday, October 2, 2008

Edwina's Friends!

Kathy's bear, she's very special!

A while ago I was asked to produce some bears for a new a venture from Kathy Martin (formally editor of Teddy Bear Scene) and I'm pleased to announce that her new online shop "Edwina's Friends" is now up and running, Kathy has handpicked some of the best of the best artists to make exclusive bears for her and am honored she has including me in that list! I wish Kathy the very best with her new business and I am sure she is going to make it a success, please pop by her website and have a look at the wonderful bears she has available.


  1. Your 'hobby collection' of bears for Edwina's Friends is adorabe Elanor ... if only I had a few spare pounds! I'm sure they'll be snapped up!

  2. Thank you Paula I must say like-wise on your bears! I'm raring to get on with lots of ideas for some Xmas bears now, but I've got to sit on them until I've finished the massive list of orders I've got!!! Not that I'm complaining!


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