Saturday, March 27, 2010

George's Marvellous Medicine

I've been working hard on my gallery piece for the TBAI held in August and its finally finished. Each gallery piece will be sold to raise money for the Ross Park Zoo, its going to be a fantastic weekend and although I'm very nervous about the prospect of exhibiting in the US I'm also very, very excited! For more information on the show and to see pictures of some of the other wonderful gallery piece's please visit here:


  1. Well done and good luck to you Elanor as I think you have done such a wonderful creation:o))
    Take care and have a good weekend.
    Hugs Lyn x

  2. George is marvellous! I love him, very creative - as always

  3. Wow he's brilliant, a very sweet face.

  4. I have bumped just into her Blog. Their bears and mice are so miraculous. I am totally inspired!

    Lots of love from Germany and glad Easter!


  5. What a charming blog you have, found you through BearBits. Your mice are just too cute as are the bears.

  6. What are you great! Do you have golden hands and kind heart!

  7. He really looks a bit fuzzy about all the "drugs" in his collection - so cute!

    I hope it will be a success!


Thanks so much for your comment :0)

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