Thursday, August 26, 2010


Me and Lex had a fantastic time at TBAI, it was so worth the months of planning, stressing etc. I feel honored to have been involved in such a worth while cause! As they say a picture paints a thousand words, so rather than waffle on about the event I'll share some of my favourite photos from the weekend!
Me standing with so many lovely bears.
The standard of the work was outstanding

Hats, so many hats

A wonderful stand full Chatman Village Bears, check out Art's work here

The Hobbit, Donna's 1st place winning piece

Ginger & her hubby Jay, look at all those fab bears, I wish I could take them all home

The very lovely Linda and Ginger

Collectors choosing at the preview event
Yummy, dessert at the dinner

Welcome to the Woods was made by my friend Ginger Brame, I loved this piece so much I had to have it. Gingers work is brilliant, check out her work here
Me and Ginger before the public show started
Fab dolls and books by Nancy Wiley, such a talented lady and she's lovely too, check our her work here

Part of the fab "Mad Hatters Tea Party" display

Spinning at the Alpaca farm tour

Alpaca's, so cute
My stand at the start of the show
My stand at the end of the show
What a trill riding on a yellow school bus, well it is for an English gal!

Going to school?! Nope we're all going to the Zooooooo!

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