Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Road Tripping (its a long post)

Sorry its taken me a while to get around to posting pictures of my holiday, for one there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day especially when Hugglets is only 12 days away (argghhhhh) secondly blogger has been playing silly b*ggers with my photos and its been taking so long to get photos uploaded, thirdly its taken me well over a week to get myself back to normal and organised, fourthly it was Lex's birthday at the weekend so I spent a great deal of it making sausages rolls, sandwiches and trifle!!! So there's all the excuses out of the way let me take you on a journey............

So we picked up the car in new Jersey and traveled to New Haven

Beautiful Church somewhere around Yale

Yale buildings are so stunning, it was very quiet around town because the students were off for summer holidays.
After one night in New Haven we traveled up the road to Essex, very unlike our Essex here in the UK!
This town was exactly what I expected a small American town to look like, simply charming
While in Essex we had a steam train ride

and then a steam boat ride
With beautiful views, a very relaxing day was had

We then headed to Providence to stay in the BEST hotel I've ever stayed in! It was a shame we only had one night here before we set off for Boston

The Boston Public Library

On our way to Binghamton we visited Woodstock and its wonderful shops
A candle shop in Woodstock
The most amazing sweet shop somewhere that I can't remember the name off
Stockbridge, a town with not one traffic light
A restful time was had in Lake Placid before we hit the city
I wanted to go here after reading about it on Gingers Blog it did not disappoint, I could have stayed all day in here and could have spent a million pounds. I didn't though, I was very well behaved and only brought a birds nest.

The real reason I was so good in Tinsel Trading was because I had already been here and brought myself a naughty present

Lex in the best Pizza place in Little Italy Lombardi's
Washington Square Park
A New York view
A very strange shop, I wasn't sure whether to be fascinated or disturbed, I decided to be fascinated, but be warned its not for everyone, take a look at the website if you dare

What I love about New York is turning a corner and stumbling across sights like this
Lex made me walk the Brooklyn Bridge, I was not very happy with him afterwards, I hate heights, but I'm glad I did it the once!

The view from Brooklyn
If your around Union Square you must eat here Chocolate by the Bald Man
Chocolate pizza, yummmmm

My favourite shop ABC Home and Carpets

We had a bike tour around Central Park
Alice in Wonderland in the middle of Central Park

Our last night in the city, we had cocktails on a roof top bar

The view on our last night

I hope you've enjoyed this little trip down memory lane with me, it really was a brilliant holiday! The weather was perfect, the people were very friendly, the area beautiful, I couldn't want more from my Great American Road trip.


  1. That looks like so much fun! I've been to all over New York State on holidays, and many other bits of the US, but I've never hit New York yet, maybe one day!

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  3. Loved your photos and sounds like you had a fantastic trip, isn't New York awesome.

  4. Hi Elanor,

    I'm glad you made it back. Please give Lex our best wishes for the coming year and a belated Happy Birthday!!! I hope you all had a great time. I enjoyed seeing the photos of your trip to the US. It looks like you covered a lot of ground in just a few short days. Glad to see you were able to visit Tinsel Trading. Fun place eh? I'm sure it's hard to compete with your favorite Tiffany's though. :D

    I want to wish you the best of luck at Hugglets though I'm sure you won't need it. I'm sure all your bears and mice will find good homes as usual. Have a great show!


  5. Thanks Katy, Karen and Ginger, I'm glad you enjoyed my photos! x

  6. Wow! It looks like you had a great time! I hope that next time you can spend a little more time in Rhode Island, it really is a sweet state!


Thanks so much for your comment :0)

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