Thursday, February 10, 2011

The cats of Cyprus!

Everywhere I went in Cyprus there were cats, in car parks, on the beach, walking in the town, outside Church's, even in Church's, its seems that there's two thinking's on why there are so many feral cats
  1. They were brought in to help keep the rat population down
  2. or to help the snakes problem

I'm really not sure which (if either) is true but being a lifelong cat lover I didn't really care I loved it. Lex is used to me going up to make friends with animals of all sorts, but it was pretty serious this time, I had cats follow me, clime on me, sit on me, I even had a crazy dog come running up to me one day and I couldn't get rid of it!!! In the end Lex started calling me Dr Doolittle!!!!!!!!

I also couldn't resist dragging Lex off to Malcolm's Cat Sanctuary, a charity quite local to us and of course one close to my heart, they care for around 200 cats, I thought it was fantastic the work the volunteers do. Here's the website if your interested:


Here's a few of the many cat pictures I took.

The resident feline at the donkey sanctuary
Drinking at the sanctuary

I've never seen so many cats in one place

A cat in a swimming pool!!!!

Chilling in the grass

Church cats! You can't see but right by these little ones was a church by the sea

This little guy reminded me of my Binky Bo Bops just a slightly different colour!

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