Saturday, June 4, 2011

How does my garden grow....

The sun is shining on my little corner of the world today and this is what I've been doing!
(While Lex has been gardening!)

Let me take you on a little tour.....

Can't remember the name of this stunning plant, Dad gave it to me last week, along with 90% of the other plants in this garden......Thanks Dad x

This is one of our solar lights, in amongst some kinda herb

Our veggie patch, carrots, lettuce, beetroot

More veggie patch, runner beans, courgettes, tomatoes, french beans.....I can't wait to start eating these

Pretty Pansy's

Bountiful herbs


My favourite flower the sweet pea

Sweet pea's full length!

I do so love having a garden

Check back tomorrow for the TBAE preview

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