Monday, June 13, 2011

Thanks, Stratford, winning and another show!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Today I have 3 BIG thank you's to say!

Firstly me and Mum had a fab day yesterday, the rain did not put off the lovely collectors and I was blown away that nearly all my bears and mice found new homes, thanks so much to everyone who brought a bear, mouse or two from me, you made my day!

Secondly its such a great show to do, Samantha and her team of friends and family do a brilliant job making it special, there's so many little touches that add to the wonderful atmosphere, so a big thanks also goes out to Samantha and her helpers!

And thirdly I was delighted that my mouse "Sad Sack" won 1st place in his category "Feeling Blue" I now have another lovely TBAE medal which I will display proudly, so another thanks goes out to everyone who voted for me! I'm extremely touched.

So today I am a happy bear maker, but also a busy one, as in two weeks I'll be at another show. My friends Julie and Amanda of Bear it in Mind, Hairy Hugs and Bartie Bristles fame are once again holding their New Forest Bear Festival in Beaulieu High Street on 26th June, both me and Mum will be there with bears, mice, knitting and also an Auntie, as my super special Auntie Val will be helping us out at her first ever bear show! Val's visited a few shows before but has never had the opportunity to come along as a helper so I'm really hoping she'll enjoy the experience.

This show is kinda different than a normal bear show, hence its called a festival, it really is like a festival, its a family event with lots of fun activities throughout the day all teddy bear themed! Oh and there's also loads of beautiful bears to buy! For any teddy bear lover its well worth a visit so for more information please visit here.

As I have nothing new to show you right now I've posted a few more pictures of Sad Sack and I'm off to start sewing, no resting on her laurels for this bear maker.

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