Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day Off!

Me and Lex have both been working crazy hours lately and to reward our good behaviour we thought we deserved a day off! 

So today we took a trip to The Butterfly World Project in St Albans. Its only 30 minutes from us and its somewhere we've been meaning to check out for ages.

The Butterfly World Project was conceived by Clive Farrell, a butterfly fanatic and lepidopterist whose dream was to create a tribute to the butterfly and a dedicated centre of learning for the preservation of this fragile and beautiful species. It is still in its early stages of complement both well worth the £5 entry.

The designer garden's

Inside or outside?

I loved this garden

I'd like this bench in my garden

This garden made me feel like a borrower!

After walking the gardens we stepped into the butterfly house....

A close up of a wing....amazing

And finally a walk around the world
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