Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sometimes It's Not What You Know But Who You Know

Today I finally uploaded my BRAND NEW website!
Check it out here

Its been months of work, not because its hard but because I couldn't decide what I wanted, I had a few options for my logo and nothing seemed quite right until the lovely Catherine of Bumpkin Bears stepped in. She drew this wonderful little fellow who I have named "Little Shantock"

Isn't he wonderful?!

Catherine's work is fantastic, I've been a massive fan for ages and I'm so happy Catherine agreed to helping me out. You can check out Catherine's work in many of her online spaces here:
She's one very talented lady and a dream to work with.
~thank you so much Catherine

Now the logo wasn't completed without my friend Simon's help, he put it all together for me, spent hours working out the best layout, photo-shopping the stitching etc. He is one clever fella.
~thanks a bunch my friend

and here he is..
The fire-stick swinging extraordinaire!

The final piece of the puzzle was provided my another super friend of mine. Helen of Bear Cub Design

Here's us at the September 2011 Hugglets

You may remember that I blogged a few weeks ago about Helen's new website Easy Art Space well part of this new venture is a website creation service called Easy Art Space Builder and this is what I used to create my shiny new website.

Its a brilliant service, I would highly recommending it. I found it so easy to use. It has so many features, and extras that really help. There's a cool tutorials section that explains step-by-step how to do whatever you can think of. I am so pleased with how my website has come out and its all because of my Aussie mate Helen.
~cheers Helen you're such a star

So there you go with a little help from my friends I have a lovely new website and to celebrate I'm going to have a give-away in May! 
Watch this space.....
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