Friday, June 1, 2012

Harry Potter Studio Tour (Part 1)

Where it all began....

The cupboard under the stairs

Did you guess?!!
Those photos where from the wonderful and amazing 

If your as big a fan as me then you probably did. I LOVE the Harry Potter books and films, I can almost recite it word for word (don't ever watch one of the films with me!) Mum is also a massive fan so when I found out last year the Leavesden Studios would be opening their doors to the public I straight away purchased tickets for Mum's Christmas present. We had been looking forward to this day all year and it did not disappoint! It was truly brilliant, awesome etc, etc, can you tell yet how much we enjoyed it.

  Its only about 30 minutes from Mum's house so we arrived 2 hours early for our timed ticket to explore the shop and cafe.

I'm not going to spend ages explaining the tour as I think the pictures speak for themselves, but beware there's a lot of photos here and there's a lot more to come! If your a fan of the films you will love it.

So here you go... Welcome to Hogwarts

Look out for part 2 tomorrow
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