Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Patter cake, patter cake,

baker's man (woman), bake me a cake as fast as you can......

I've been wanting to try this for ages and the Halloween party 
I went to at the weekend provided just the right excuse

It started with a lot of baking, 6 cakes in 6 different colours!

It took me all week, a layer a day which I then froze 
(did you know sponge cake freezes very well, I think it tastes better after freezing too)

I then used a bowl to cut round the cakes so they where exactly the same size

I then layered the cakes on top of one another

One layer with frosting

And then next with jam

Layer after layer

Until I had this

I then covered the whole cake with frosting
(yes it was sweet, oh so sweet)

Nobody will know what's inside until they cut it

I then made this, can you guess what it is?

While it was setting I added silver spray (edible of course) and some bats

I then smashed the edible glass (did you guess that's what it was?!) 
it's sugar and water heated then cooled, very simple with a fab result

And with the help of some red food colouring I ended up with this

What do you think? Pretty convincing?

I learnt a lot from this process, 
the glass was a bit cloudy (I think the sugar wasn't heated enough or maybe too much) and the cakes where a bit wonky

But that didn't effect the taste!

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