Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The new stands make their début...

I got to use my new stands this weekend, 
it was exciting putting my table together, seeing that my "vision" had worked. 
I am delighted with them, I'd love to know what you think.

Here's a full view of the stand

A close up of the stands

A close up of the knitting

My sign

The bears, oh and badgers!

More bears

And mice

Then there's some details, our flashing bauble

Christmas tree and presents


And lastly here's me and Mum ready for the gala dinner, 
we ate, drank, talked and laughed, happy days.


  1. Your stall looks fantastic. I'm sure you must be pleased with it.

  2. Your display looks very nice, I think the stands are perfect.
    I didn't know you had other clothes then just the hats and scarves.
    I was the lucky gal who was chosen earlier this year to provide the new home for Little Shantock. He is already wearing his hat and scarf, but I am thinking he will need a sweater before winter is all done.
    Do you have clothes in his size?

    1. Hiya,

      I hope "Little Shantock" is behaving himself ;0)
      I'm sorry to say that I do not have any small jumpers that would fit him. My Mum knits the clothes for my bears and makes them to fit each individual bear.

  3. I am pleased the replacement stand arrived in time. It all looks wonderful you are very talented.custard is adorable think he is my favourite but then how can anyone choose they are all so sweet.

    1. HI Leanne,

      Thank you once again for my wonderful stands, I can't wait to use them again! xx

  4. it's interesting to see your bears & mice are rising at an eye level, very presentable. I think your theme color echo each other well and the lights against the white are attractive for audience. They all look good on the table. But is it difficult to take photo if the back is not a wall...
    i like Custard and your badgers.

    1. Thanks for your brilliant feedback Susana, you got what I was trying to achieve raising the stands to eye level :0)

      Elanor xx


Thanks so much for your comment :0)

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