Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Markets

Oh dear I'm a bit late with this post, sometimes life gets in the way!

Anyhoo here are a few pictures of the markets, we went to a few...

In the day the handmade market looks like this!

This is some pancake thing with cherries, it has a cool name that I can't recall right now!

There where so many sausage stalls

I didn't try them but Lex assures me they were yummy

Wooden decorations, so well made


I wanted this but could not afford it 

The mulled wine was excellent for keeping us warm

Everywhere you turned there was something going on, 
somebody doing something!

This is Smiley Garfield, these two fella's sang some tunes to keep us entertained

We brought home one of these bird house, aren't they beautiful

Another market at night, so pretty


This was the castle behind the market, very stunning wouldn't you say.

I do have a few more pictures to share, check back to see them tomorrow (fingers crossed)

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