Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Mummy...

As many of you know both me and My Mum love Harry Potter!
Our journey with Harry began in 2001 when a friend lent me the book to read on holiday in Dorset, 
I couldn't put it down and  passed it onto Mum straight away and she couldn't put it down! 
We then went out and brought the next 3 books and we couldn't put those down either, we waited eagerly for the next 3 books to be written and published, we both found ourselves captivated in Harry's world. 
We saw the all films together, laughed, cried and became quiet obsessed with 
Hogwarts, witches, wizards and spells.

When we found out that The Harry Potter Studio Tour was opening on our doorstep we couldn't wait to visit, we've now been six times (I said we were obsessive!) and recently visited with my Aunt Val for a little Birthday treat as we couldn't be together on our Birthdays.  

The following photos are of Mum's Birthday present, I worked on it for months. 
I really wanted her to have something special because I couldn't be with her on her day.

This is Harry Bear!

He comes complete with potion bottles...

His Hogwarts letter, map, newspaper and chocolate 
(in case of dementor attacks)

School books are of course essential...

As is a cauldron Pewter standard size 2!

Here's his firebolt, the sorting hat and hedwigs cage...

A close up of the books...

An invisibility cloak
(I really wish I could make one that works)

And finally here's the little fellow himself.

Happy Birthday Mummy, I really couldn't wish for a better Mother and best friend. 


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