Friday, June 14, 2013

TBAE Exhibitors Challenge...

I love to participate in the Exhibitors Challenge for this show because I love working to a theme! 
This year the category's are great:

Cat 1 - The Elements

Cat 2 - Christmas in June

Cat 3 - Not mohair!

Cat 4 - Not a bear!

there was one that stood out to me, can you guess which one?!

Christmas in June! 
I love working on Christmas piece's especially when I'm not supposed too, here's my entry  

"Christmouse Carols"

I went for a simple design, but ...

here you can see that his little carol book  has words! 
Even though this little mouse is only 3.5" high, 
he is full of  Christmas cheer

"Christmas Carols" will be available to purchase but he will have to wait to be 
collected after the Exhibitors Challenge results have been announced when the show ends at 4pm.

Check back tomorrow for a full preview.

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