Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Big Bear

I've had my eye on this piece of mohair for a while! I saw it at the Rochester show and wanted it, but it was long, dense and curly and it just wouldn't work for my usual little bears so I didn't buy it, crazy as it seems I've been thinking about this piece of mohair ever since, I've been laying awake thinking about what I could make with it and whether its worth the risk of £24 for 1/4 meter to bugger it up, but on Sunday my craving got the better of me and while I visited the Brentwood fair I brought it! So this week I'm working on a big bear, well I say big bear he's big for me. I've got a vision that I hope I can achieve but its hard everything takes so much longer, I'm dreading stuffing it too, talking of stuffing I better get to it......

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