Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Special orders are a funny thing, I know a lot of artists that do not take commissions as they find it stifles their creativity and I find making a bear to order a challenge too. I worry about meeting peoples expectations and find the process of creating something that's not my idea quite difficult. I'm always amazed when I get it right and the end result is loved by the recipient, which I guess is why I keep agreeing to do them!

Recently I was asked to create a bear for my friend Barry's, daughters 21st Birthday "Sure no problem" I say before finding out what he wanted! I found this very hard, its not my idea of what a bear should be, its modelled on the Birthday girls own piercings! Not that I'm against piercings I have one of my own, just not sure about bears being pierced! Anyway I had to put my own thoughts aside and just get on with it and the end result wasnt as bad as I first thought. When I gave it to Barry he was delighted and has since given it to his daughter who I hear is very pleased, so mission accomplished!

Liz's 21st Bear, I love to know what you think

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