Friday, August 8, 2008

The Best Mohair Supplier

Over the years I've met many people within the bear world some wonderful and some not so much! Some of these people you just end up passing the time of day with at a fair and some become dear friends, I have to say this about Barbara and Andy of "Barbara-Ann Bears" and now also "Norbeary Fabrics" after chatting with them yesterday I was informed I didn't have a link to their fabric company website, slap on wrist for me, so today I'm giving a big shout out to Barbara and Andy and saying go take a look at their mohair. Barbara is a font of knowledge for any bear maker and has given me so freely valuable advise on everything from mohair to tax returns! They both have been making bears for over 15 years now so know their stuff but are always keen to learn new things and we regularly swap tips, ideas and a bit of gossip! Andy also designed my website, so I'd say I owe them both quite a bit. Anyway go check out all they have to offer here:

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