Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It was wet!!!!!

Lex, Chelle and Sean on Putsborough Beach

Lex and Me just before we started The Legendary Grand Tour 2008!

I'm completely exhausted from the weekend, so much for a relaxing time!!! The weather wasn't kind to us so I'm suffering from total lack of sleep, the tent leaked so had wet shoes, wet clothes and had to sleep in a wet tent too! Other than that it was a wicked weekend, the camp site was great, the owners were so lovely! The area was beautiful in between the showers! We ate yummy food and I had the best ice cream in Croyde!
Sean, Chelle, Me and Lex at the end of the run

So many mini's

The best mini of all "MAX"

The mini run was amazing, never experienced anything quite like it, in many ways it was like a bear fair, lots of enthusiast all talking passionately about what they love and the sun did shine for us all day so an added bonus.

Chelle and Me, trying to look glam after 3 days of wet camping and no sleep!!!!

I've now returned home to a Hamleys order!!!! Yay except I have no idea when I'm going to complete it! So I am taking today to get myself organised, make a plan and get going, only 17 days until Hugglets, so much to do so little time! Arrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhh

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