Monday, September 27, 2010

Introducing Pippin

On Saturday we added new addition to our family! Pippin (already shorten to Pip) is a lab cross retriever, he's 12 weeks old and is a beautiful bundle of trouble.


  1. He's only slightly bigger than a mouse! Will he be following you wherever you go? Or keeping the knitter company?

    He's very sweet and you are so lucky. He looks very friendly. I bet you are having a blast enjoying him. Has he stolen any bear parts?


  2. Oh are you in for some fun and games with this little (not so little) guy! Enjoy and have fun:o)) Those ears look like they belong to a Beagle LOL!

  3. So cute! I love puppies and he is adorable!

  4. Hey Ginger, Pip will be staying with the knitter! There's no chance I could sneak him with me, but I'll be home a lot visiting! So far no bear parts have been stolen but I'm keeping them well out of the way, he's latest game is stealing the hand towel in the kitchen which he thinks is very clever! He's such a time waster I have no idea how I'll I'll get my orders finished! x


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