Friday, January 7, 2011

Get organised........yeah right!!!

Hiya! I have found this week tough, having three weeks off work was brilliant however its been hard getting up early and leaving for work in the dark. I only do three days a week in my other job but since moving I've added another 10 miles and half an hour onto my already long journey, doesn't sound much but for someone who's not a morning person getting up that little bit earlier is torture. So all week I've been on a go-slow, in truth I've really not done much.

I did manage to:
  • Take all the Christmas decorations down :-(

  • Plan my work schedule for the year (2011 is fully packed)

  • Order, receive and put away the Internet grocery shopping! (Okay so getting it delivered is cheating a bit, but it stops me and Lex having a "barney" in the middle of Sainsbury's!!!

So this weekend I MUST get back into gear, my plans for the day are:

  • To get up early (Already failed on that one as I slept through 3 alarms and didn't wake until 11am, terrible I know!)

  • Updated my blog (Almost a tick!)

  • Spring clean my studio (Its a pigsty in here)

  • Do a stock check and order new supplies

  • Write and send out a newsletter

  • Start new bears/mice!!!!

  • Clean the bathroom (Most important really, but we'll see)

I can't say I'm full of enthusiasm so we'll see how far I get with my jobs!

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