Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unproductive January

On my work table, loads started, nothing finished :-(
My new year start on bear making has not really gone to plan, things seem to be getting in the way, Birthdays, parties, cake making, carpet fitting!!!! So this Sunday I had a whole day planned to work, thought I get a good 12 hours done, alas I ended up in hospital with a minor eye injury!!! Don't worry nothing major and I'm fine now but it did mean I spent Sunday on the sofa. This week I endeavour to get at least one bear finished, keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Oh my! Elanor!

    I can't imagine what happened but I am glad that you are okay. Sorry about the eye injury. Not that I am glad that your schedule isn't working as you had hoped at least I know it's not only me! I will endeavor to keep going and maybe together we will get where we need to be in time for Hugglets (or whatever thing you have next!)

    Take care now!


  2. Oh, goodness! I'm glad your eye injury was nothing major--but I have to think that it was VERY painful. I hope this weekend goes more according to plan!

  3. I send you some news from france. Even if i don't go to Hugglets, Elisa and me often admire your bears. We wish you a happy new year.
    kind regards

  4. oh, wish your eyes are well and ready for your new design.


Thanks so much for your comment :0)

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