Saturday, January 8, 2011


Here's what my to-do list looks like today:
  • Update the Blog - a
  • Spring Clean the Studio - a
  • Do a stock check and order new supplies
  • Write and send out newsletter - a
  • Start new bears/mice
  • Clean the bathroom - a

I guess that's not bad considering I got up so late and also spent a few hours sorting out computer files which was not on my to-do list!

Today I must finish the rest of my jobs, the studio is lovely and tidy and I can't wait to start work again.

Oh and I thought it was about time I shared a few pictures of my studio with you.

I love a bit of bunting and this also provides hanging space for little clothes waiting for owners!
This doll is nearly 100 years old, she was my Grannie's and she now sits and watches me work.
I have a lot of books from my childhood and I find them very useful as reference for my work, I also have a large number of how-to books that I love to read but never have time to make anything from!
This bed is over 50 years old, it was made by my Great Uncle Charlie for my Mum when she was a child, its was handed down to me when I was little and I spent many happy hours putting my dollies to bed. Nowadays my Little Dirt Lane Doll Abbi sits there!
My pride and joy! Its so old and keeps going wrong but I just can't get on with an electric machine.
I made this pin board, its full of lovely cards, photos and pictures people have given me.
The view of one side

The view of the other

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