Thursday, July 7, 2011

Teddy Take Over.....

Hello There, Muggleton here staging a "Teddy Take Over"

As I originally came from gingers house where blog take overs are part of everyday life I thought it was only right I carry on this tradition here in the UK! Elanor says I better not get used to it or let on to the other bears what I'm doing, because she has far too many bears for this to happen often, so I've secretly snuck up to Elanor studio to share with you my first week here in the UK!

My arrival in the UK wasn't a smooth as I'd hoped, After a very long flight (its 3850.016 miles between ginger's house and here!) I was held hostage by Parcel Force and Lex had to pay a randsom to get me out! He drove all the way to Milky Beans (Milton Keynes to anyone not local) to get me after work, he was very worried about me but luckily ginger had packed me very well so I was safe and sound. Lex had to wait two days before he could give me to Elanor so I hung out at Lex's Mum's house for a bit which was fun. When Elanor's Birthday arrived I was very nervous about meeting her but ginger was right when she told me Elanor was very nice and would look after me very well.

Elanor didn't want to pack me up again after all I'd been in my box for quite a while so she decided I should come with them on their Dorset travels, I sat on the dashboard of Lex's car and saw some beautiful villages and towns as we drove though the lanes, up hills and down into valleys, it was a lovely trip and Elanor has promised to take me again one day!

So here's some photos of what I got up to.........

Eype beach, this is where we stayed!
(not on the beach but at a little bungalow up the road)

There was a little boat on the beach and I had to go and explore

A "99" ice cream yummy

Staring out to sea
(one of Elanor's favourite things!)

I snuck in the picnic hamper!

Ummmm bacon sandwiches

and sausages too!

Star-gazing, it looks light because of the flash but it was very, very dark!

Behind me is Lulworth Cove

More picnic's, I've been very well fed

More staring out to sea

Sitting on Elanor's knee watching Lex swimming in the cold sea, if you click on the photo you should see him!

The welcome committee, when I returned to Elanor's house I was greeted by all the other bears that have come from ginger's house, oh it did make me feel at home :0)

Now I better sign off before I get caught!

Thanks ginger for sending me to Elanor she loves me very much.

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