Sunday, September 16, 2012

Asheville & The Blue Ridge Parkway

So after the show we jumped into the car and headed South to Asheville NC. Our main aim was to spend some time driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway and do a bit of walking. We enjoyed this wonderful area so much, we had fun shopping, eating  and playing mini golf in Asheville (a rather usual, arty town), we drove North and South on the parkway and we hiked up and down mountains and gorges to waterfalls!

Here's a selection of the many photos we took... 

The Blue Ridge Parkway, a beautiful road

Linville falls

Trekking down to the falls

Bottom of the falls

Funky cart in Asheville


We walked all the way around this lake, 
its a pity I can't remember its name!

It's not a holiday unless we play some mini golf 

Craggy Gardens

This stunning girl was at Grandfather Mountain

And so was she, we spent ages watching these girls

Crazy shop in Asheville

We brought quite a lot here

Asheville is a arty town, 
everywhere you look there's something interesting to see

This was on the side of a tattoo shop

Another photo of the Blue Ridge Parkway

And finally on our way to our next destination we stopped at Black Mountain 

Tune in next time for our visit with friends...
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