Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Washington DC

This is the last instalment of our holiday photos and its a small one because half of the Washington pictures have disappeared! I think they must be on a memory card somewhere but I can't find it, oh well it will turn up and for now here's a flavour of the capital of the USA.

Washington DC was everything I expected it to be, business like, epic, but strangely flat compared to NY. However it was like NY because the places are so familiar you feel like you are on a movie set! And as a big fan of The West Wing I kept expecting Josh, CJ, Leo or Toby to be just around the corner!

The Capitol Building at Twilight

Thomas Jefferson

Dr Martin Luther King

Dr Martin Luther King quotes 


Most impressive by night

The White House
Smaller than I thought it would be but no less impressive

Capitol Building by day, 
I think this was my favourite building, the tour guide was excellent.

We had such a wonderful end to our trip, we walked miles, enjoyed lunch with two lovely friends, watched films at night in the art house cinema and even saw Batman at the Air and Space Imax. 

It was once again an epic trip with memories we will treasure forever.

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